Nigro Insurance Agency is proud to announce the launch of our Youth Ambassador Program.

Students age 10-15 can learn the value of a strong work ethic teaching responsibility and building self esteem,  all while earning cash rewards,  saving for college and helping out a charity at the same time.

Youth Ambassadors connect their families, friends and neighbors with the opportunity to save money on their insurance policies.

For each connection they make, points are awarded to the ambassador.  Points will depend on how many policy connections they make and extra points are given when we are able to save $ on the connections insurance policy.

Points can be redeemed for rewards and each ambassador will recipient matched education IRA on behalf of Nigro Insurance Agency.

Example:  Ambassador A contacts his parents,  his aunt and uncle, 3 neighbors and his mother’s best friend.  In total, 11 policy connections are made,  4 auto insurance policies, 5, homeowners insurance policies, 1 small business insurance policy and a renters insurance policy.  2 of these connections can save $ by switching to Nigro Insurance Agency.

The Ambassador receives 10 points for the connections and 5 additional points for each converted connection, totaling 20 points.


Each point is worth $10. The ambassador get reward prizes worth $




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