Seven Days of Insurance- Day 3, Impersonations can Cost You

Nigro Insurance Agency

How many times a week can you say you saw a Santa Claus? No two are the same. Well, imagine walking down the street and seeing multiple “You’s”. Scary huh.
During the holiday season, the peek of the shopping year, criminals are doing just that. As online shopping grows, criminals are learning to grab your personal inforamtion write off the websites that you shop, even creating dummy sites that mimic even the most popular shopping sites.
Did you know that you home policy can protect you from being alone during these types of incidents? Insurance companies have adapted and added credit Card fraud coverage, and Identity Theft to help with just these types of crimes! Take a moment to pull your policy out, reveiw it, call your agent, or better yet, give us a ring and we’ll review with you, and if its not on there, let us build a policy with it on there. The great news is that its fairly inexpensive and its a growing need in today’s world.

2 Quick Tips: 1. Before making a purchase on a computer, look at the bottom of the screen to see if there is a type of security to protect your information, if its a legitimate site, it will be there. 2. When you get pushed to a website from a hyper-link, review the URL; A hacker will have an alternate set of numbers and letters, if your unsure, open another link and take yourself right to that site.

Nigro Insurance AgencySeven Days of Insurance- Day 3, Impersonations can Cost You