Seven Days of Insurance- Day 2, Christmas Tree Hazards

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Getting a Christmas tree is alot of fun, if your going out to cut your own tree or buying that special one.  You bring it home, decorate it, water it and enjoy the glow it gives off in the room…It is so important that you take some proper steps to ensure your home’s safety.  As great as it is to have in your home, it a a Roman Candle waiting to go off.  Please remember a couple quick tips: 1. Anytime you are preparing to leave the home, typically turn off your Christmas tree lights five (5) minutes before you leave.  This will give time for you to notice if the heat has affected the tree at all, expecially since the tree is gradually drying out more and more. 2. Water it often, although the tree is cut, it still needs water to keep it alive as long as possbile without drying out, by watering it, you keep it fresh longer and avoid drying out and turning a decoration into a hazard. 3. Try to keep the tree away from heat vents or radiators. Hot air helps dry out the tree and causes it to spark fires. Radiator heat, if on long enough will do the same thing and if a branch or part of the tree is leaning on any part of the radiator, POOF! Instant fire…

Quick statistic, 42% of all Christmas tree fires happen between December 23rd to January 3rd. So, as beautiful as the tree is, PLEASE, make sure you take proper steps to ensure it stays that way.

Nigro Insurance AgencySeven Days of Insurance- Day 2, Christmas Tree Hazards