Join our referral team

Nigro Insurance Agency has obtained direct access to over 50 carriers giving them the ability to be highly competitive and provide their client’s excellent coverage at an affordable rate. We have agents with 25 years of combined experience who have knowledge in both commercial and personal lines of insurance. We’d like to extend our ability to give you savings to your
friends and family, and PAY YOU FOR IT.

Nigro Insurance Agency will pay you $3 per quotable referral. Even better, if you send us five contacts that we can quote policies for, we’ll bump your reward up to $25.

If we can beat their current policy and save them money, then everybody wins. It’s like getting paid to save your friends and family money!

That’s not all we then will enter all participants in our referral program into a drawing for $150 at the end of each month!

1) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________ ($3)

2) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($3)

3) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________ ($3)

4) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($3)

5) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($25)

6) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($3)

7) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________ ($3)

8) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($3)

9) Name:______________________ Phone::______________________ ($3)

10)Name:______________________ Phone::______________________($50)

YOUR NAME: _________________________ Fax to 215-278-9641 or email to Louis [at] nigroinsuranceagency [dot] com

Nigro Insurance AgencyReferall Program