How To Polish Granite Countertops

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Granite is beautiful. It is warm and inviting. The stone really makes a kitchen, bath or outdoor living area look nice. The truth is that a nicer looking home has more value. You can turn around and sell that home for a tidy profit or you can get a lead on a line of credit because of rising home equity. Not only is granite a beautiful surface it is a good investment. So, it is a good idea to learn how to polish granite countertops effectively. It will make your beautiful stone last longer and look brighter.
Polishing is actually the last step in stone care and it won’t be as effective without some prior work. It is a really good idea to seal your stone before applying the polish. Sealing is the first step in getting beautiful, shiny, natural looking stone in your home. A good sealer will be water based and easy to apply with a rag or paper towel. The sealer will close all the tiny little cracks and ships in the stone for up to 18 months. Once the stone is sealed a good cleaner can then be used and after that you can polish granite countertops.
A quality granite cleaning solution will not be acidic. Acid will eat into the stone and age it prematurely. Your home will decrease in value if the stone ages, so it is good to make sure the cleaner is non-abrasive. Some cleaners may actually dig into the surface of the stone causing damage. The cleaner will take all the residue, particles and liquids off of the stone so that you can finally polish granite countertops.
The polish will work most effectively if you shake the can first for at least a minute. The ingredients inside the can mix evenly so that the polish applies evenly. It is a good idea to test a small area to make sure the polish works the way you want it to. You can test an area that most people don’t see, like behind the toaster or under a corner.
The polish will go on evenly if the can is held six to eight inches from the surface. This will allow you to spray a thin and even coat in order to polish granite countertops. A soft cloth can then be used to even the solution. It will look great if you let it dry and then buff it off with separate soft cloth; the softer the better.

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