Trying to see how to save money when you looking for the right policy without sacrificing your deductible?

Have your Auto policy written through the Nigro Insurance Agency, and no matter what carrier is chosen, each client has an opportunity to lower their deductible just by being a member. No extra charge! You are automatically enrolled.

Each month that you are claim free we will deduct $10. That’s it. It grows each month as you remain an auto client of Nigro Insurance Agency (To the max of your deductible)…

How It Works:

From the first month that you have your Auto policy written with Nigro Insurance Agency, we start todeduct ten dollars ($10) off your overall deductible each month that you are with us, to the extent of your limits

i.e. you have a $500 deductible, the savings program will only go up to $500; If you have a $1000 deductible, it will go to $1000.

The first accident that you are in (if any) you take you vehicle to Nigro’s Auto Body*, for repairs. From there, we work with you and the Body shop to determine your savings.

Now, once your car is repaired and your back on the road, we start all over again to get you saving once more.

*Savings only apply if using Nigro’s Auto Body; Savings do not apply if choosing another body shop.

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