How Cellphone-Use Impacts Your Auto Insurance Premiums


Texting while driving, an activity that is said to increase risk for accident 23 times more likely, is more prominent than ever in today’s society. The threat of safety in regards to cellphone use on the road has prompted many states to ban this activity all together. As states crack down on cellphone use, more and more drivers are experiencing a direct impact of many new cellphone laws. Texting, in particular, is a key contributor to distracted-driving incidents. With this being said, experts are starting to see likely connections between texting-related accidents and insurance rates. A violation of a texting-while-driving law can contribute to a pattern of behavior that insurance companies will identify as undesirable. These undesirable patterns can lead to an increase in rates and premiums for those drivers who have a record of texting and/or cellphone related offenses.

A tip for current and/or new drivers: Stay off your cellphones, for it can ultimately lead to an increase in your upcoming auto insurance premiums.

Nigro Insurance AgencyHow Cellphone-Use Impacts Your Auto Insurance Premiums