Back-To-School Insurance Tips

Back-to-SchoolBack-to-school is a perfect time to review all of your current and upcoming insurance needs. This new school year means new drivers, upcoming college freshman, and a whole lot of coverage needed to insure your growing teens. Be smart this school year and follow these insurance tips to help you save money on insurance premiums, all while providing the coverage you need.


1)       Auto Insurance for New Drivers in the Family

Heading back to school?! The new school year is a great time to review your insurance needs, especially with upcoming teen drivers in the family. Remember: many auto insurance carriers will provide discounts for students. Those who are recently graduated, have complete driving safety courses, or are in good academic standing all qualify for reduced car insurance rates! Urge your teens to hit the books this semester and save some money on your next insurance payment!

2)      Renters Insurance for New College Students

As the new school year is right around the corner, many teens are heading away for their first year of college. Packing up and moving all of your teens belongings can cause liability risk in respects to damage or theft. To insure and protect these belongings, it is important to call your insurance provider and ask about renters insurance. Renters insurance can provide your teen with the coverage needed to protect his/her laptop, television, and other electronics all at a reasonable price.





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