There is nothing worse than driving at night when you get into an accident! Who to call? What to do?, Where to turn? All these and more can be scary, but with NIGRO INSURANCE AGENCY,
you will no longer have to question what to do.

As a client of Nigro Insurance Agency, you are automatically enrolled into the Auto-Claim concierge Program.

Along with Downloading the Nigro’s Auto Body App; below is how our program works:

1. Call NIGRO INSURANCE AGENCY right away.

2 WE have you meet with our representative at Nigro Auto Body.
3.  We inspect your car to deem the safety and extent of damage to your vehicle.
4. We put you in a Rent a Car thru Enterprise
5. We Keep you in the loop with the progress of your vehicle and listen to any questions you may
6. CAR is Ready, come back to Nigro’s Auto Body shop to drop off your rental and get back on the
road with your vehicle…



Nigro Insurance AgencyAuto-Claim Concierge Program