For years, Companies, Organizations, Non Profits, teams and schools would work to raise funds to help out in their various missions in turn raised money for a number of events, causes, games, or various
kids programs. All forms of proposals have been done to accommodate these things and now Nigro
Insurance Agency is coming on board!

NIA has come up with a unique program where various groups can sign-up to help with their various fund
raising events. By becoming an Affinity member of NIA, your business, school, organization, team, will have an opportunity to allow Nigro Insurance Agency to donate a portion on the premiums written just by
having the insured state your name! The more policies written with through your affinity, the more we
donate…There is no limit to how many can be written…

How it works: The owner, president, etc.,  signs an agreement that they want to become an Affinity
member; sign a hold harmless agreement and that’s it…we will work with you to market the new
relationship that is most comfortable to you.

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