7 Days of Insurance-Day 5, Your Pets

Nigro Insurance Agency

As we get through the holiday’s, we start thinking what we are thankful for.  Family coming over to enjoy the festivities, dinners at a relative’s home; A major over look can be your own pet!
As people start to come and enjoy the holiday, people tend to draw close to your pets, and as lovable as that is, sometimes, bad things can happen.
Two things to keep in mind with regards to your pet, 1. Watch what the people feed your pet, last thing you want is too much table food, disagreeing with your animal and getting them sick. 2. Watch how people handle your pet, an aggressive kid can scare your animal to the point, they may bite your guest and cause injury.

For your pet, consider PET INSURANCE, for less than $30-40 a month, you can have your animal covered for illness amoung other things. 2. Talk to your agent, be truthful and let them know that you have an animal, if not, there can be a chance that a dog bite might not be covered because it wasn’t disclosed.

Nigro Insurance Agency7 Days of Insurance-Day 5, Your Pets