7 Days of Insurance, Day 4, House Guests

Nigro Insurance Agency

Tis the season, family starts coming over, Christmas parties start to accumulate.  Now is not the time not to have proper liability and medical payment coverages on your policy. More and more, people have accidents in their home with family and friends and their guests. Alot of the time, there tends to be an accident. Liability coverage is a mandatory coverage on your policy and the difference between $100,000 and $500,000 can be as low as $30 a year!
Now, if someone has an accident and needs medical attention, you can use your own Home Policy to help alleviate the costs…Since this is also another mandatory coverage, look into what the costs of having $5000 worth of coverage vs. $1000 that most agents will supply you with.

Quick Tip: Planning on hosting a Holiday party or dinner this Christmas? Kid presents can cause over 80% of house-guest accidents. As kids open their presents, select a person to help clean as they open. Also, once all the gifts are open, try to move them away from the tree and into a safe area or the kids play area. Most times, kids will stay in the same spot their new toy’s are in, increasing the risk that when a guest arrives, an accident will occur.

Nigro Insurance Agency7 Days of Insurance, Day 4, House Guests